Brazilian Keratin Treatment 101

Brazilian Keratin Treatment, the  newest trend in de-frizzling and smoothening all sorts of textures of hair to get straight, smooth hair has been extremely popular amongst Singaporeans in the recent months (although regulars of Style by Louis & Co should knows that we have been offering Brazilian Keratin Treatments since 2008).

Those who have tried the treatment call it a "miracle" and applaud it for making their hair easier to maintain (whether is it blow-drying or straightening); with its effects lasting for months.

However, the buzz about these treatments isn't all without its criticisms - mainly because many of the brands in the market contain way too much formaldehyde. While there is the Health Science Authority (HSA) in Singapore to regulate the products before they are distributed here, there are still a handful of unscrupulous salon owners who bring in the products on their own in order to increase their profit margins. Thus, we would advise customers to go to trusted salons for your own safety.

For the unconvinced, Style by Louis & Co. has simplified everything you need to know about the treatment and its effects just for YOU

  • What is Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

Our hair and nails are made up of keratin, so a keratin treatment pretty much consists of coating your hair in similar material until it sticks (heat helps this process).

It doesn’t sound appealing but this process smoothens out the surface of follicles and, depending on how much product you use, releases curls and takes out waves, etc. It makes hair shinier and helps prevent breakage, too.

  • What is the difference between Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Rebonding?

Rebonding is a chemical process that changes the internal structure of your hair. It removes all curls to create pin-straight strands that are permanent and may damage hair. On the flip side, keratin hair treatments are temporary (each treatment lasts between three to six months depending on the products used and your lifestyle); they soften the curls, straighten waves, eliminate frizz and gives your hair a smoother texture. As the treatment does not damage hair and gives it additional protection, it makes your hair healthier over time.

  • What does a Brazilian Keratin Treatment involve?

Typically your hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo and blown dry before the treatment is applied section by section, and finally combed through the hair.

After 10 to 15mins (don’t worry, we have ample magazines to keep you entertained), the stylist blows dry your hair a second time before sealing the treatment on to your hair using a flat iron.

Following which, one or two things might happen – with the old formula, you will have to leave the sticky mess on your hair for 72 hrs before washing it off (not advisable in our crazily hot and humid weather). With the new formula, the treatment is rinsed away, hair is blown dry and you leave knowing you don’t have sticky, icky products on your hair.

The entire process takes 3 to 4 hours depending on your hair type and length. (There isn't really a difference in results between these two styles, just that newer formula allows users to wash and style their hair sooner)

  • Who's suitable and who’s not?

If you spend tons of time blow drying and flat ironing your hair and/or have curls that you want to loosen, or if your hair has frizz or lacks shine, you're likely a good candidate.

Brazilian Keratin Treatments work on a variety of hair textures, including colour-treated or previously chemical-treated types. However, do avoid these treatments if 
  1. you are pregnant,
  2. have severely damaged hair from too much bleaching,
  3. have bleached hair that's super fine,
  4.  have stick straight fine hair or have slight waves you want to keep intact.

  • If Brazilian Keratin Treatments claim to be "formaldehyde free," what chemical is used to replace it?

For a keratin treatment to give you shiny, straighter, frizz-free hair for months, it must contain formalin (formaldehyde) or another aldehyde or a chemical that works in a similar fashion. Common "formaldehyde free" products often contain: glutaraldehyde, biformal (a.k.a. oxalaldehyde -- note the "aldehyde") and ammonium thioglycolate (the same chemical used in perms).

  • How do I know which brand of Brazilian Keratin Treatment is best for me?

It's not one-size-fits-all. In fact, you don't want a salon that only offers a single brand of Brazilian Keratin Treatment, because it's probably not the best one for your hair texture and thickness. We, at Style by Louis & Co, carry 5 different brands so there’s bound to be one suited for you.

  •  Maintenance Is The Key To A Successful Brazilian Keratin Treatment!

If you want your fancy new shine to last, you might have to drop your regular shampoo, conditioner and mask. This is because any products containing Sulfate and Sodium Chloride strips off the keratin. Ideally, products you use should have keratin infused in it so that it will help prolong the treatment. If Argan Oil is found in it, it’s a plus! (everyone at Style by Louis & Co swears by the treatment effect).
Saltwater and chlorine are exceptionally bad for Brazilian Keratin Treatment. If you can’t abandon the sun, the sand and the sea, Surf spray's not an option, make sure to coat your hair with a protective cream or oil (regulars of Style by Louis & Co would know that Louis would strongly advocate the use of coconut oil.) before you make your trip to the beach.

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