Goldwell Colorance Blonde Toning Acid Series

Blonde hair will never be out of style, but to keep in tip-top shape, you need to shine, condition and revitalize it regularly.  The new Goldwell Colorance Blonde Toning Acid Series lets you do just that.  It produces durable, shiny and manageable haircolor without leaving behind any loathsome brassiness. Style by Louis & Co. is adding three new services to their menu.

Classic Blonde Toning 
Following Pre-Lightening
Classic Blonde Toning is an ideal service to achieve optimum results immediately after lightening
When to Use  
·      After a highlight service or full head blonde service to provide the final tonal character
·      To refine and finish highlights or a full head blonde
·      As a preventative measure against the blonde color becoming dull or off-tone

Contemporary Blonde Toning For Dimensional Highlighting or Lowlighting Techniques

First time or repeat highlighting (tint/highlifting) and lowlighting clients who are having new highlights and/or lowlights performed
When to Use
·      To restore color tone, shine and condition to the rest of their hair during the highlighting and/or lowlighting service

Blonde Toning and Glazing Revitalizing Service
Bleached, tinted, highlifted, environmentally lightened or naturally blonde hair colors
When to Use
·      To revitalize, enhance or restore the existing blonde color, shine and condition

So why wait simple call Style by Louis & Co @68845335 now to schedule an appointment to experience the advanced technology for long lasting brilliant shine even on the most damaged hair structures. The final result will show improved color clarity, durability and manageability.

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Robert Clark said...

Really Goldwell Colorance is shiny and manageable hair color. thank you for sharing this post