Follizin (Hair Loss)

 THE CLEANSER (1000ml, 300ml)

A gentle yet thorough Cleanser formulated for all Scalp and Hair types. Breakthrough SuGENE technology provides a scalp safe environment and Hygroscopic Action to balance and maintain Moisture on the Scalp and Hair. SLES, SLS and Preservatives FREE for Healthier Scalp and Hair Maintenance.

THE FACT IS … 2 Common Surfactants found in Shampoos - SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulphate ) and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) are known to be harmful to the follicle and scalp skin. SLES dissolves the natural oils on your skin and can denature skin proteins which not only causes irritation, but also allows environmental contaminants easier access to the lower sensitive layers of the skin. Another lesser known fact is that SLES is a direct cause of dry fuzzy and split hairs. As SLES is also absorbed into the body through the skin, it can mimic the activity of the hormone OESTROGEN in our body thereby contributing to hormonal imbalance which is today’s major cause of Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss.

SLES and SLS, 
, Artificial Coloring, 
Artificial Fragrance

FOLLIZIN INTENSIVE FOLLICLE ENERGIZER – contains Hair Growth Factors that DIRECTLY Stimulates the Growth Phase’s (Anagen Phase) hair cells and DIRECTLY suppress the Rest Phase (Catagen Phase) and Loss Phase (Telogen Phase).

How It Works

Better Blood Circulation to Follicles
Better Penetration Through Scalp Debris
Directly Stimulates Anagenic (Growth) Phase Directly Suppresses Catagenic and Telogenic (Transition & Rest) Phase
Normalize Sebaceous Glands
Reduces Demodex Folliculorum

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