Elixir 79

From a distant land with a wealth of history and centuries-old traditions comes Elixir79, the beauty potion that gives your hair the shine and splendour of Gold, the most precious of metals.

The secret of this magical beauty elixir lies in its exclusive formula centring around a blend of organic oils with extraordinary properties and inebriating fragrances.

The combination of Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Orange Blossom and Pink Pepper creates an unprecedented olfactory experience, while the properties of Argan Oil, Linseed Oil and Sweet Cyperus give the hair irresistibly seductive softness and shine.


Quick and easy to use in an everyday ritual for a truly extraordinary, instant effect. Simply pour Elixir79 beauty potion into your hand and apply to washed and towel-dried hair, adjusting the amount to suit your hair type, length and thickness.

As an emergency treatment, you may also apply it to dry hair, without rinsing, to discipline the hair and add instant shine. Its rapidly absorbed velvety texture won't leave the hair limp or leave residues.

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