New! Goldwell TriFlective Naturals

Goldwell TriFlective Naturals – Because Grey Coverage Is More Than Just Covering Grey.

Three Reflective Color Dimensions with Revolutionary, Natural Grey Coverage in One Shade!

Grey hair is a natural development that starts earlier in some people and later in others. 

TriFlective Naturals targets women who are grey hair starters to women with 100% grey hair who desire more natural translucent color versus traditional grey coverage results. Regardless of the amount of grey hair, women are looking for a hair color that will make them look and feel 10–15 years younger. TriFlective Naturals, optimum grey coverage for every client’s wish!

» Up to 100% natural grey coverage.
» Dimensional, youthful color results are quick and easy to achieve without mixing multiple shades.
» The same reliable base formulas for even, durable, and luminous color results.

TriFlective Naturals New Innovative Technology:
The innovative Reflects3 System enhances color dimension through a combination of three reflects shining out from deep within the hair. A perfect concentration of natural intensive reflects cover grey hair. Plus two 
integrated color reflects ensure a lively, natural grey coverage result.

Look forward to a new dimension of grey coverage and exclusive color!

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