Beach Muk Sea Salt Spray

It’s easy to look like you spent a day at the beach anytime, anywhere, thanks to new Beach Muk Sea Salt Spray. This special texturizing product gives you the freedom to recreate the look and feel you get from spending a day at the beach, without the sweat or the sunburn!

Achieve tousled, sexy hair with fullness and a light matte finish on all hair types, including fine-haired ladies. Beach Muk Sea Salt Spray contains natural sea salts that give hair a workable, flexible hold and texture that’s never stiff or sticky.

Formulated to help create a barrier between the hair and the environment to maintain the texture style, even in humidity. You would be pleased to know that it's also oil and silicone free.
So why wait head on down to Style by Louis & Co to grab a bottle today for the easy breezy tousled hair!

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