Nakano 2 Step Hair Treatment

Nakano Powerdict Hair Treatment

Style by Louis & Co is offering this amazing 2 step hair treatment which leaves hair soft and smooth without making it heavy and limp.

Gemini-type amino acid derivative*, wheat PPT, and amino acids repair the inside of the hair. Gemini-type amino acid derivative also suppresses lifting of the cuticle on the surface of the hair.

*Gemini-type amino acid derivative
(Sodium Dilauramidoglutamide Lysine)
Earth-friendly ingredient created from plant-based materials.
Penetrates not only the surface but the inside of the hair to repair from both inside and out

Polysaccharide derivative coats the surface of the hair.

The cation ingredient ionically combines with polysaccharide deriavative to form a stronger protective surface. Fruit acid repairs the inside of the hair.

A non-ionic polymer further coats the surface.

Lastly, the P-Coat* ingredient further coats the three protective surfaces for long-lasting effectiveness.

So why wait simply head down to Style by Louis & Co to try this amazing treatment yourself. Call us now at 68845335 to schedule an appointment!

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